Release Date10 December 2020
PlatformPlaystation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia
IGN Rating9/10
Steam Rating9/10
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Cyberpunk 2077, a masterpiece by CD Projekt, paints a riveting image of the future, depicting the bustling streets of Night City teeming with life, tech, and intrigue. As players dive deep into this futuristic dystopia, the allure of its graphics, coupled with its complex narrative, is nothing short of captivating. However, such graphical magnificence comes with a price, often demanding unparalleled horsepower from our beloved PCs. Achieving a seamless gameplay experience, free from the shackles of lags and stutters, becomes the ultimate dream of every gamer. This article is your ultimate guide to achieving that dream, ensuring that your adventures in Night City are as smooth as they are thrilling.

System Requirements Check

Every voyage starts with preparation, and the journey to optimize Cyberpunk 2077 is no different. Think of system requirements as the roadmap for your PC gaming expedition. The game, like most modern masterpieces, has certain demands, and it’s crucial your rig meets them.

Minimum Requirements 

This is the foundation, the baseline. These aren’t about visual brilliance but rather the assurance that the game will run. The standards include Intel Core i5-3570K or its AMD counterpart FX-8310 for processing power. Graphically, NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB or AMD Radeon RX 470 is the minimum. Pair this with 8 GB RAM, and ensure you’ve reserved 70 GB on your storage, preferably an SSD.

Recommended Requirements

If the minimum is a basic sedan, the recommended specs are the luxury SUV – offering both performance and visual treats. An Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G processor is recommended for those wanting more detailed textures and smoother frame rates. For graphics, the NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB or AMD Radeon R9 Fury are the go-to choices. This setup ideally requires 12 GB of RAM and, again, an SSD with 70 GB free space.

For those with rigs hovering near the minimum, fret not! The upcoming steps will hold increased significance for you.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

Imagine drivers as the interpreters between the game’s demands and your PC’s hardware responses. Outdated interpreters can miscommunicate, leading to less-than-optimal performance. Keeping your drivers updated is akin to ensuring your interpreters are well-versed in the latest dialects.

For NVIDIA aficionados 

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience application is your best friend. This handy tool does more than just showcase your gaming achievements; it’s pivotal in keeping your graphics card updated. Within the application, the ‘Drivers’ tab holds the key. A simple click on ‘Check for updates’ could unveil performance boosts waiting to be unlocked.

AMD loyalists, you’re not left behind 

The AMD Radeon Software application serves a similar purpose. A simple navigation to ‘Home’ followed by ‘Updates’ will reveal if your card is craving an update.

Remember, updated drivers often carry game-specific optimizations. With a game as popular as Cyberpunk, manufacturers ensure their drivers are primed for the best performance.

In-game Settings Optimization in Cyberpunk

The world of Cyberpunk is a maze of neon lights, detailed characters, and expansive landscapes. Such visual excellence requires tweaking to suit each PC’s unique strengths.


It’s a balance between clarity and performance. While 4K is the gold standard of crispness, it demands immense power. Switching to 1080p or 1440p can be a game-changer in terms of performance.

Graphics Presets

Think of these as pre-defined setups. ‘Ultra’ is the dream setting for those with high-end rigs, maximizing every detail. However, ‘Low’ or ‘Medium’ presets are the lifelines for those seeking better performance.

Individual Graphics Settings: 

Here, you venture into the heart of visual detailing.

Ray Tracing 

It’s the magic wand that paints realistic reflections and lighting. However, this magic requires a lot of power. Disabling it can significantly boost performance.

Textures and Shadows

While they give depth and realism to the world, dialing down their quality can grant precious FPS.

V-Sync & Frame Rate Cap

V-Sync is the unsung hero eliminating screen tearing, ensuring visual consistency. However, it’s a double-edged sword and might introduce slight input delays. Frame Rate Caps set a maximum limit to FPS, preventing erratic jumps, thus offering a smoother experience.

Windows Settings Tweaks

Our PCs are not dedicated gaming machines. They multitask, running various operations under the hood. Windows, the OS giant, offers several tweaks to make it more game-friendly.

Power Plan 

Within the labyrinth of the Control Panel lies the ‘Power Options’. Here, switching to the ‘High performance’ plan ensures your PC is giving its all to the game.

Game Mode

A feature introduced specifically for gamers. Found in ‘Settings’ under ‘Gaming’, when activated, it promises to prioritize gaming processes. It’s a hit or miss – beneficial for some, detrimental for others. Experiment and see which side of the fence you land on.


Venturing into the realm of overclocking is like tuning a car’s engine for better speed. It involves pushing your hardware – be it CPU, GPU, or RAM – beyond its factory-set limits to extract more juice and enhance performance.

Graphics Card Overclocking

Tools like MSI Afterburner are a godsend, especially when it comes to Cyberpunk. These utilities enable you to tweak your GPU’s core clock and memory clock. By increasing these, you can achieve higher frame rates. But caution is paramount: excessive overclocking can lead to overheating and potential damage.

CPU Overclocking

Modern motherboards often come with their own suite of overclocking tools in the BIOS settings. Upping the CPU multiplier can lead to faster performance. Remember, the key is baby steps. Increase incrementally, and stress-test using software like Prime95 to ensure stability.

RAM Overclocking

While not as common as the previous two, RAM overclocking can offer noticeable improvements, especially in games like Cyberpunk that are memory-intensive. Software such as CPU-Z can help monitor the frequency changes.

While overclocking is potent, it’s a dance on a tightrope. One misstep, and your hardware might face issues. Ensure adequate cooling, and always, always make sure to research extensively before making changes.

Third-party Optimization Tools

Beyond the game’s native settings, third-party tools offer a plethora of optimization avenues. These tools tap into aspects that are often beyond the game’s control but can influence gameplay.

Razer Cortex

This free tool provides automated optimizations for your PC in a bid to get the best gaming experience. With features such as system booster and FPS counter, Razer Cortex seeks to give that extra bit of edge to your game.

NVIDIA Inspector 

For NVIDIA users, this tool is an invaluable asset. It delves deep, offering tweaks that are often not present in the official NVIDIA control panel. This can be especially beneficial for fine-tuning graphics settings for Cyberpunk.

Always remember, while these tools offer great power, they also come with the responsibility of knowledge. Blind tweaks can lead to undesirable results, so understanding each function is crucial.

Managing Background Applications

Every PC has a silent audience – applications that run quietly in the background, sipping on the precious resources that could have been channeled to your game. Ensuring these uninvited guests are kept at bay can lead to a sizable performance improvement.

Task Manager

The Ctrl + Shift + Esc combo summons this tool, giving you a snapshot of all the applications and processes currently running. Close unnecessary ones to free up RAM and CPU power.

Startup Applications

Within Task Manager lies the ‘Startup’ tab. Here, you can see the apps that have made themselves at home, launching every time your PC starts. Disable the non-essentials to ensure faster boot times and more resources available during gaming.

Clean Your System

Software like CCleaner can help get rid of junk files, clearing the clutter and ensuring smoother performance.

Ensuring Adequate Cooling

Heat is the nemesis of performance. As temperatures rise, your PC’s components throttle themselves, leading to decreased performance. Keeping temperatures in check is pivotal.


Ensure your PC’s chassis allows for adequate airflow. Regularly clean the fans and air vents to prevent dust accumulation.

Cooling Solutions 

Consider investing in aftermarket coolers or even liquid cooling systems. For those into overclocking, this is nearly non-negotiable.

Monitoring Temperatures

Tools like HWMonitor give you real-time data on your system’s temperatures. It’s essential to keep an eye out, especially during intensive gaming sessions.

Regular Maintenance & Updates

Just like a car, a PC requires regular check-ups. Maintenance ensures that all components are in their prime, ready to deliver the best performance.


For those still on HDDs, defragmenting can lead to speed improvements. However, if you’re on an SSD, skip this – SSDs don’t benefit from it.

System Updates

Windows updates might seem pesky, but they often come with performance optimizations and bug fixes. Regularly updating ensures a more stable environment for gaming.

Software Updates

Beyond the OS, keep your software updated. This includes everything from drivers to the game itself. Developers continuously work on patches to improve game performance, and staying updated ensures you reap the benefits.

With these steps at your disposal, optimizing Cyberpunk 2077 for your PC becomes a more navigable task. Dive deep, tweak, and soon, Night City’s neon streets will shimmer more brilliantly and smoothly on your screen. Here’s to lag-free adventures and breathtaking visuals! Cheers!

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