Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 with High-Precision 3600 DPI Optical Engine

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Product Description With a 3600 dpi optical engine and in-game sensitivity switching, the Logitech Gaming Mouse G400 gives you rock-solid performance for when your sights are set on victory. If you've been using Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse, you should definitely get the next generation Gaming Mouse G400. From the Manufacturer Features Optical Gaming Mouse G400 Noteworthy Features •  Precision-gaming 3600 dpi optical engine •  Eight times faster response rate than standard USB mice •  In-game sensitivity switching •  Rugged battle-tested design •  Low-friction feet for super-smooth tracking •  Comfortable sculpted grip •  8 programmable buttons Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 Set your sights on victory with the new MX518 If you liked the Logitech MX518, you'll love the next-generation G400. You get the features you've come to rely on plus rock-solid improvements in precision and speed. With a high-precision optical engine and blazing-fast response rate, you can aim and attack instantly with pinpoint accuracy�no matter how fast you move your hand. High-precision targeting 3600 dpi optical sensor gives you pinpoint aim-and-fire accuracy   In-game sensitivity switching Instant access to four separate dpi levels Shift from pixel-precise targeting (400 dpi) to lightening-fast maneuvers (up to 3600 dpi) without interrupting play Move more quickly from high-speed turns to low-speed precision   DPI shift Immediately switch to a predefined dpi level with a single button press�great for zooming and sniping Return to your original dpi setting by simply taking your finger off the button   Full-speed 1 millisecond report rate Your mouse communicates with your PC over USB 1000 times per second�as fast as USB can go and eight times faster than standard USB mice React faster with nearly instant response to all your movements in the game Consistent response ratio Mouse movements translate to the same amount of cursor movement Less than 0.5% variance compared to +5% for some other 'gaming' sensors Gain more control with consistent tracking at any hand speed   Commanding comfort Legendary sculpted shape supports your hand so you can stay in the game longer Low-friction feet for smoother movement on almost any surface 8 programmable buttons are at your fingertips�download Logitech Gaming Software to customize your mouse for every game you play   Built for battle Durable design battle tested to withstand demanding game play Longer-lasting buttons rated up to 10 million clicks Feet are tested to go 250 km (150+ miles) Compatibility What's in the box? Mouse User documentation 3-year limited hardware warranty Works with Windows-based PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 USB port Internet connection for software download Compare Which Logitech Gaming Mouse Is Right For You? Good Better Best Optical Gaming Mouse G400 What Do You Get? Rock-solid performance: The new MX518 Game-changing laser precision The ultimate in customizable control Laser precision plus wireless freedom Connection Choices Full-Speed USB Corded Full-Speed Wireless       Mouse Design Weight Tuning System: Add weight for a customized feel     Programmable Buttons: For single actions or intricate macros 8 10 9 13 Profile Storage: Store ready-to-play profiles   1 5 5 Interchangeable Grips: Customize mouse fit and feel       Rechargeable Battery        Navigation Features Sensor High-definition optical Laser Laser Laser Maximum Resolution: Higher means better cursor control  3600 dpi 5700 dpi 5700 dpi 5700 dpi Adjustable Sensitivity: Change dpi on the fly for pixel-precise targeting or lightening fast maneuvers Hyper-Fast Scrolling: Fly through long web pages   System Support Windows XP, Vista or 7
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